Our services cover a wide range of tax-related needs, including:

Individual And Business Tax Preparation

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Expertly preparing and filing accurate tax returns, ensuring compliance with tax laws and maximizing tax savings

Tax Dispute representation

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Providing skilled and strategic representation in tax disputes, leveraging in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations to protect clients' interests

Tax Projection And Forecasting

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Providing accurate and insightful services to help plan and make informed financial decisions

Retirement Planning Assistance

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o help individuals achieve their retirement goals through strategic financial planning and investment management

We Also Offer Strategic Planning

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Guiding organizations in developing and implementing plans to achieve long-term objectives and drive sustainable growth

At Prorata Accounting, our team of experienced tax consultants offers comprehensive strategic planning services to navigate the complex tax landscape. We carefully analyze your unique circumstances to provide tailored tax planning advice and projections, taking a proactive approach to identify opportunities for tax savings.


As tax laws become more complex and ever-changing, the demand for professional tax management services has grown significantly. These services can assist individuals and businesses in organizing and filing tax returns in accordance with current laws, as well as leverage deductions to reduce tax liabilities.


At Prorata, we are dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch tax preparation and planning services, utilizing our analytical skills and expertise in the tax system. We help make sense of your financial records in the following ways:


  1. We analyze your financial statements, comparing them to previous periods to identify areas of growth and wasteful spending. This helps shape your future tax strategies.
  2. We optimize your tax strategies, assisting you in taking advantage of credits and deductions to reduce your tax bill. Our experienced team can guide you through the best investments and decisions for your financial success.
  3. We provide an impartial perspective to your financial situation, offering our expertise to guide you through periods of growth and change.
  4. We minimize the risk of errors and mistakes in the tax preparation process and make tax season less stressful for you. Additionally, collaborating with a third-party professional reduces the likelihood of internal fraud.

Our tax management services equip you or your business with the tools, knowledge, and information necessary to shape your tax and financial planning. We help you achieve your financial goals through a client-focused, vision-driven approach. Contact us today to learn more about our tax reduction strategies and other services.